Stormin' the Nest with AD Hall - Alexandria Brown

Stormin' the Nest with AD Hall - Alexandria Brown

Welcome to Stormin' the Nest with AD Hall, our new feature where Oglethorpe Athletic Director Becky Hall discusses life both on and off the playing field with Stormy Petrel student-athletes!

On today's first edition, Oglethorpe women's basketball player Alexandria Brown, a sophomore center from Douglasville, joins AD Hall to talk about being a Stormy Petrel, her favorite professors, how she got started playing basketball and more.

Hall: Who is your favorite professor or what has been your favorite class experience here at Oglethorpe University?

Brown: I actually have two. [Robert] Burchfield is my accounting professor. He likes to say he is our coach in life. He represents what Oglethorpe is. I like him because he really cares about us. He wants us to do well in his class, and he’ll work with you. I am a member of the accounting society, and have two internships this spring and summer.

The other one is Iona Wynter-Parks. She was my professor for Core, Narratives of Self. Love her! She is a former Olympian, so she loves athletics, but she is a fun professor. When things are tough, she was the breath of relief for us, but also held us to a high standard. She helped me improve my writing. She is great!

Hall: Why do you enjoy being a Stormy Petrel?

Brown: First of all, it’s a small community, and I like a small community. You walk around and know everybody and everybody knows you. It is a safe environment and I feel that people underestimate Oglethorpe and so when we go places, we’re the underdog.  I like to show them how under-doggish we really are!

Hall: What does it mean to you to “Give ‘em the Bird?“

Brown: Well like I just said, people underestimate us because we’re a small school and they think we might not be as athletic or we’re not as good, and then they realize, "Oh, they’re competitive and mean business." Especially women’s basketball, because we’ve changed our culture so much.

Hall: What will you be doing after Oglethorpe University?

Brown: My hope is to have a job offer, and to be working in corporate America.

Hall: What is your most memorable sports moment?

Brown: I’d say beating Birmingham-Southern when they were undefeated [in January 2016]. The feeling in the gym and with those fans…PRICELESS!

Hall: How did you first get involved in your sport?

Brown: My dad played basketball, so I’ve always been around it and my older brother played at Vanderbilt. I didn’t start playing until the fourth grade in an Upward league. It didn’t get serious for me until ninth grade. I had a great coach at Douglas County and he saw a lot of potential in me. 

Hall: What is your favorite place on campus to socialize or hangout?

Brown: My freshman year, it was the quad in Traer Hall, it was life up there. Now it’s the Caf. We think we’ll be there for like 20 minutes and hours later we’re still there. It’s a great place to talk about games, meet up with’s comfortable. The TLCC is a nice place to chill and converse.

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