Stormin' the Nest with AD Hall - Andrew Kwapil

Stormin' the Nest with AD Hall - Andrew Kwapil

On this edition of Stormin' the Nest with AD Hall, men's lacrosse player Andrew Kwapil, a sophomore from Greensboro, North Carolina, sits down to talk about his favorite professor and classes at Oglethorpe, and about some of the valuable life lessons he's learned from playing lacrosse.

Hall: Who is your favorite professor here at Oglethorpe University?

Kwapil: Dr. [Mike] Rulison is my favorite professor. He’s super smart. I learn a lot from him every time I’m in his class. I am an engineering major in the three-two program. I want to either be an aerospace engineer or an electrical engineer. For classes, probably my favorite was Core 101. It is Narratives of Self. I really learned how to write in there, it was really official.

Hall: Why do you enjoy being a Stormy Petrel?

Kwapil: Everybody is so close with each other being here on campus. We’re all a part of something. So being a Stormy Petrel means that you’re together with everyone, you’re a part of something: a club, a sport, everyone is involved.

Hall: What does the phrase "Give ‘Em the Bird" mean to you?

Kwapil: It means leave everything on the field.

Hall: What are some of the most valuable life lessons you’ve learned from playing the sport of lacrosse?

Kwapil: One of the things that Coach is really driving in our heads this year is don’t do it until you get it right, but do it until you can’t get it wrong. I’ve also heard a lot from coaches that practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. Lastly, that it’s a game, and don’t lose your head because of it. You cannot control certain things so you might as well take it as it is and try to make the best of it.

Hall: What will you be doing after Oglethorpe? I know you mentioned the three-two engineering program.

Kwapil: I plan on being at Georgia Tech. Then after that living a good life. It’s a very cliché answer, I know. If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. That’s my plan.

Hall: What has been your most memorable sports moment?

Kwapil: In high school, we [Grimsley High School] were playing Greensboro Day School, a private school where all of the rich kids go. [Grimsley is] a public high school. We were playing them really close my junior year, and I had probably one of the best games I’ve ever played. We beat them in overtime, but their really good attackman came across the crease and I laid him out! I had a bunch of knockdown passes and good plays.

My other memorable moment was here at Oglethorpe. Last year, we were playing either Methodist or Piedmont, and there is a check called the "rusty gate," and it is a back check. There are several ways to run it, and I landed it the first time I tried it. Sadly, I think we lost the ground ball after that, and I have not been able to execute it since. It is very situational, so I have not had the opportunity yet again.

Hall: Andrew, how did you first get involved in the sport of lacrosse?

Kwapil: My buddy Eric and I were in the fourth grade and he said we ought to play lacrosse because you get to hit people with sticks! What more could a fourth-grader want?! So we went to a fall ball thing, and they asked who wanted to play goalie, and before I knew how hard the ball hits you, I decided to play. I was a goalie for three seasons, and then moved to defense.

Hall: Where is your favorite place on campus to hang out…you know, just to relax and chill?

Kwapil: I live in Alumni Hall, so either in someone’s dorm room or the TLCC [Turner Lynch Campus Center]. Last year, we hung out a lot in the TLCC because we all lived in separate places. Someone would post "FOOD" in our group message and we’d always flock there. In dorm rooms, we hang out and play video games and sometimes study.

Hall: Are there any motivational phrases or words that Coach Young uses on a regular basis to the team?

Kwapil: Mostly he just yells a lot! We always laugh when he says "good job" or that he’s proud of us. We laugh and say, "He said it!!!" He’s a funny guy, and serious, too.

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