Netters Gain Valuable Experience Against No. 2 Ranked Emory

Netters Gain Valuable Experience Against No. 2 Ranked Emory

The men's tennis team opened their spring season by competing against the nations No. 2 ranked team Emory University in Decatur on Sunday night. Despite the powerful Eagles racing to a 9-0 win, the netters gained valuable experience against top competition.

Emory began by sweeping the doubles competition, getting wins at No.'s 1, 2 and 3. Oglethorpe's No. 1 duo of Ethan Motz and Josh Rosenberg went down 8-1 while the No. 2 duo of Rajiv Dinakaran and Kirk Zhao lost 8-2. Playing from the No. 3 position, Craig Borne and Chris Noonburg were topped 8-1.

In singles action, Ethan Motz had the unenvious task of facing the No. 1 ranked player in Dillon Pottish and Motz succombed 6-1, 6-0. Benjamin Hirsch competed at No. 2 for the Petrels and lost 6-1, 6-2 while Kirk Zhao manned the No. 3 slot and lost 6-1, 6-4. Rajiv Dinakaran played at No. 4 and was topped 6-3, 6-1 and Cedric Andre, playing at No. 5, went down 8-1. Lastly, Craig Borne was bested at No. 6 by the score of 8-1.

Complete match results against No. 2 Emory are listed below.

The Netters will practice this week before squaring off with Methodist this Saturday at 3:30 on Downing Howell Courts in the Petrels home opener.

#1 Singles  Ethan Motz  #1 Dillon Pottish  Emory University  6-1,6-0
 #2 Singles  Benjamin Hirsch  Brian Kowalski  Emory University  6-1,6-2
 #3 Singles  Kirk Zhao  Ian Wagner  Emory University  6-1,6-4
 #4 Singles  Rajiv Dinakaran  #38 Eric Halpern  Emory University  6-3,6-1
 #5 Singles  Cedric Andre  Simon La Perusse  Emory University  8-1
 #6 Singles  Craig Borne  #50 Alex Ruderman  Emory University  8-1
 #1 Doubles  Ethan Motz
 Joshua Rosenberg
 Elliot Kahler
 Ian Wagner
 Emory University  8-1
 #2 Doubles  Rajiv Dinakaran
 Kirk Zhao
 Will Humphreys
 Brian Kowalski
 Emory University  8-2
 #3 Doubles  Craig Borne
 Chris Noonburg
 Eric Rothschild
 Eric Seidelman
 Emory University  8-1