Womn's Tennis Topped by Methodist in Season Opener

Womn's Tennis Topped by Methodist in Season Opener

The women's tennis team lsot their season opener on Downing Howell Courts on Saturday morning to Methodist University, 9-0. The Petrels fought hard, losing two singles matches in three sets and battling long in the doubles, before losing to the talented Monarchs.

In doubles play, the Petrels took the No. 1 match to the limit before the Monarchs claimed the point as the duo of Jayme Danielson and Katarina Te lost in a tiebreak 9-8 (4). The No. 2 duo of Caffrey Francis and Kate Siess lost 8-5 while Clara Reinheimer and Sarah Duff went down 8-6 at No. 3.

In the singles, both Danielson (playing at No. 1) and Te (playing at No. 5) lost in three sets to their Monarch opponenets with Danielson losing 2-6, 6-4, 1-0 (4) and Te dropping 6-0, 4-6, 1-0 (6). Francis (No. 2), Siess (No. 3), Duff (No. 4) and Reinheimer (No. 6) all lost in straight sets. Complete match results included below.

At 0-1 on the young season, Oglethorpe will have a chance to level their record when they face Wesleyan this Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. on Downing Howell Courts.


#1 Singles  Jayme Danielson  Kat Meindl  Methodist University  2-6,6-4,1-0 (4)
 #2 Singles  Caffrey Francis  Rachel Purser  Methodist University  7-5,6-2
 #3 Singles  Kate Siess  Laura Baker  Methodist University  6-0,6-1
 #4 Singles  Sarah Duff  Dana Powell  Methodist University  6-0,6-3
 #5 Singles  Katarina Te  Kelli Shelton  Methodist University  6-0,4-6,1-0(6)
 #6 Singles  Clara Reinheimer  Lauryn Justice  Methodist University  6-3,6-2
 #1 Doubles  Jayme Danielson
 Katarina Te
 Kat Meindl
 Laura Baker
 Methodist University  9-8(4)
 #2 Doubles  Caffrey Francis
 Kate Siess
 Rachel Purser
 Stacey Brooks
 Methodist University  8-5
 #3 Doubles  Clara Reinheimer
 Sarah Duff
 Hillary Petruska
 Emily Talley
 Methodist University  8-6